Why Should You Pray?

In nature, in every individual human being, surely the feeling of wanting to be better and perfect is embedded. Therefore, God always provides various ways for His servants so that they will try and get closer to Him. Prayer is an important part of every human endeavor. Praying means knowing that God determines all his efforts. Prayer can be interpreted as a request and praise in the form of speech from a servant who has a low position. People who don’t want to pray to God can be said to be arrogant people because they don’t put God as the determinant of everything. There are many reasons and purposes why people pray for instance Prayer for healing.

the purpose of praying is to increase closeness to God as well as to improve ourselves. How do you want something extraordinary, even though you yourself do not change yourself from your habits? We ask and hope a lot in God, but the busy asking sometimes makes us not have time to judge ourselves. In fact, if we ask (prayer) while trying to change ourselves, God will give us what we ask because prayer is essentially the accompaniment so that we can change ourselves.

The benefits of prayer are so great in human life. With prayer, peace can be achieved, the spirit of life can be increased, and emotions can be controlled. With prayer, there is hope that unfolds. Prayer also becomes conditioning in the face of disaster. A prayer is a place of human return after a day of doing business.

Prayer is also intended so people will get closer to God and know Him so they do not become creatures who always face confusion, chaos, anxiety and mental stress that cannot be resolved. The prayer we offer to God will eliminate all forms of inner turmoil, our thoughts, and feelings when we can no longer find a way to overcome them. At that moment our soul can only rely on God.