Dangers If Your Air Conditioner Freon Is Dirty

Using the air conditioner means you should also pay attention to the condition of the device so that you can use for a long period of time www.airconservicingsingapore.com/. One of the things you should notice is the cleanliness of the air conditioner. to clean it up, you should visit aircon service to get the maximum and perfect cleaning.

The cleaning of the air conditioner should be considered because it will affect your health. one of the parts to be cleaned is the air conditioner filter. there are some dangers that you may receive if the filter on the air conditioner is dirty and damaged. Some of these dangers are

1. Deteriorating Health
The air-conditioning filter is designed to make a person with allergic can survive even using an air conditioner in his room. But, if the filter never is cleaned, so the air will be damaged for allergic people. If the filter is too dirty, then the air quality in the room will decrease. As a result, your health and family will also be affected. There are so many people that feel bad in the room with an air conditioner. As for people with asthma, complaints of shortness of breath will also increase. If you often feel pain for no apparent reason, your home air conditioning filter may need to be cleaned.

2. High Operational Costs
Your electricity will increase when you force the air conditioner that dirty and full of dust. So, make your electricity in a low stage with the clean air conditioner. An air conditioner will also be difficult to cool the room, so you have to let it live longer. Again your electric bill will soar every month.

3. Higher Humidity
Your room will be comfortable when you use the air conditioner that always clean. However, an air conditioner with a damaged filter will disrupt the humidity settings of the room. As a result, the room will be more humid and cause the growth of mildew in certain walls or spaces in the room of the house. In addition, the dust will be thicker as it lowers your body’s health.