So that the watch is durable and durable

The function of the Wittnauer watches as a timepiece makes this one object has more benefits than other accessories in general. Today, wittnauer watches are also increasingly appearing in various variations, types of materials, and different qualities. This also reinforces watches as mandatory accessories for the needs of daily activities that are timely and stylish. Watches are very useful for both men and women. Often, high-quality leather watches are a choice because of their durability and high functionality. Leather watches are also easy to mix and match with a variety of clothing and can be used for casual to semi formal and formal events.

The average age of a leather watch strap is 1-2 years with regular use. However, it is not impossible for the age of the strap to be reduced to under one year if you use it often in severe conditions, such as general sports, water sports such as swimming, or other activities with extreme weather. Avoid putting your watch on a sharp or rough surface. Even though the skin has quite strong characteristics, it is not impossible that your watch leather strap becomes damaged due to friction on a sharp and rough surface.

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