Science Hoax That Shock The World

The world of science is often believed to be something scientific and contains absolute truth. But it turns out that what happened is not entirely the case, science also sometimes keeps lies. You can visit mcgill university to get the science reality.

Here are some science lies that shock the world.

1. Piltdown Man

Alvan T. Marston, a scientist who revealed one of the greatest falsehoods in history: Piltdown Man. Earlier in 1912, scientists thought they had found a bright spot in the kinship between humans and apes by finding a set of fossil skulls and jaw bones from an underground hole in Piltdown, England. The skull and jaw fossil featured an ape-like human head, identified as Piltdown man. The forgery was revealed in 1953, with a description of human skull bones, orangutan jawbones, and fossil teeth from apes.

2. Loch Ness Monster

According to legend, the Loch Ness monster has existed since more than 1,400 years ago, when Saint Columbia saw the shadow of aquatic creatures in the Scottish region. Various rumors developed, many people reported that they had seen the figure of Loch Ness. In the same year, a photo of a Nessie monster appeared – once Loch Ness was often called, taken by a doctor, Colonel Robert Wilson. The photo shows Nessie’s figure coming out of the dark waters. One year later, Christian Spurling, a relative of Wilson, admitted that the black-and-white photograph taken by Wilson was actually just a plastic tied to a toy ship, making it resemble the figure of a Loch Ness monster.

3. Walrus Tasmania

This “animal” was used as an ingredient in the April Fools’ Day joke in 1984 when the Orlando Sentinel fabricated a story about the existence of a “Tasmanian mock walrus”, complete with pictures of skinless mice. In the study, the four inch (ten centimeter) animal represented a walrus that snored like a cat, and was obedient like a hamster.

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