Each Type Of Paint Has DIfferent Durability

Every painting in a house has a period of durability, good color resistance, and the durability of the paint-forming material itself http://www.onemanandabrush.com. Much is wrong about painting at home. Assumptions that often become the assumption of everyone in general when the house has been painted will be settled forever. The maximum that is done is only changing the new paint color if you want to look different. Even though every house paint, both interior / exterior wall paint, iron fence paint, or wood paint, there is always a limit of age and durability. Age resistance is usually several years and each painting has a limit. In the meantime, you can hire the best experts of interior painting woodstock if you need to consult with professionals before you choose the paint for your house.

Here are the durability differences between each type of paint:

Wall paint has 2 (two) types, namely interior wall paint (in space) and exterior wall paint (outdoor). We write down based on good paint quality studies. Interior paint has a lifespan of between 5 (five) to 7 (seven) years. Exterior paint has a relatively shorter lifespan, which is between 3 (three) to 5 (five) years. Both paints should after passing the endurance age we do repainting, if not? then the paint will look faded, dull and the colors will look tend to be younger than the original color.

Paint Iron is one of the paints that we use for home fencing and window trellis. Iron paint if applied in areas outside the home, a good age is 3 (three) years, not to mention because of the rust factor it is necessary to do repainting. The iron paint that we apply in the house has a relatively long age of up to 7 (seven) years.

Wood paint has almost the same paint properties and is sometimes the same as iron paint. The age of being caught in wood paint that we apply outside the house has an age of resistance to weather and hot sun and rain, so the age is 3 (three) to 5 (five) years.


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